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2014 Unlimited CPE Library (CD-Rom/Online) (CPE2009)
Course Format: Online  Test Format: Online
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Level: Basic/Intermediate
Field of Study(s): Accounting, Administrative Practice, Auditing, Business Law, Business Management & Organization, Communications, Computer Science, Economics, Finance, Fraud, Management Advisory Services, Marketing, Taxation

2014 Unlimited CPE Library (CD-Rom/Online)

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The new Online CPE Library is our best value ever. With over  70 different courses to choose from, you are guaranteed to find all the information you need. The CPE Library allows you to access all the courses for one year to do as little or as much CPE as you need. Taking advantage of our online grading will allow you to know instantly when you pass as well as keep track of your progress. It is our goal to offer accounting professionals convenient, cost-effective continuing education. With this CD-ROM/online package, we are able to fulfill these goals while offering you the highest quality CPE available. The CPELibrary is sure to be an invaluable tool for your CPE needs as well as your practice.

Key Features:

  • Unlimited CPE for 1 year
  • Cd-Rom with printable courses
  • Instant online Grading
  • Online account with course access
  • Free online updates

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Taxation courses included

  1. Guide to Business Taxation
  2. Comprehensive Estate Planning
  3. Estate Planning Through the Internet
  4. Financial Aspects of Retirement Planning
  5. Using the Internet for Tax Research
  6. Guide to Investment Alternatives
  7. Accountant's Guide to Assets and Income
  8. Accountant's Guide to Retirement Planning
  9. Corporate Taxation
  10. The Art of Like Kind Exchanges
  11. Accountant's Guide to Estate Planning
  12. Divorce Taxation
  13. Guide to Asset Protection
  14. Tax Planning for Families
  15. Taxation of Bankruptcy, Divorce and other Tribulations
  16. Guide to Dealing With Debt and Interest
  17. Choosing the Right Business Entity
  18. Accountant's Guide to Increasing Business Cash Flow
  19. Guide to Travel and Entertainment Taxation
  20. Taxation of Partnerships
  21. Guide to Passive Activity Losses
  22. Planning the Fast Track to Retirement
  23. Accountant's Guide to Real Estate Taxation
  24. Guide to Estate & Gift Taxation
  25. 1040 Taxation
  26. Corporate & Individual Taxation Explained
  27. Accountant's Annual Tax Update
  28. Today's Legal Concepts with Tax Analysis

Business, Industry, Personal Development Included:

  1. Sarbanes Oxley
  2. Managing and Improving Cash Flow (Total Cash Management)
  3. Financial Management for the New Millennium
  4. Accounting for Management
  5. Techniques of Financial Analysis, Modeling &Forecasting
  6. Analyzing Cost Data for Management (Cost Accounting Techniques)
  7. Accounting & Finance for Nonfinancial Managers and Entrepreneurs
  8. Financial Concepts & Tools for Business Management
  9. Complete Guide to Investing
  10. Financial Essentials for Nonprofit Managers
  11. Modern Budgeting for Profit Planning & Control
  12. Master Guide to Personal Finance
  13. Financial Forecasting: Tools & Applications
  14. Professional Financial Consulting
  15. Info. Technology for Managers & Entrepreneurs
  16. E-Commerce: Applications for Cyberspace Technology
  17. Accountant's Guide to Computers
  18. Computer Security: Preventing Computer Crimes
  19. Sales Management
  20. Retailing
  21. 101 Business Solutions: Diagnosis Remedy
  22. How to Organize & Run a Small Business
  23. Understanding the Economy
  24. Legal Environments of Business
  25. Guide to Effective Business Communications
  26. Basic Business Essentials: Concepts & Tools
  27. Managing for Competitive Advantage
  28. Modern Supervision
  29. Managing the Marketing Process
  30. Economic Analysis for Business & Strategic Decisions
  31. A Guide To Tax Resolution: Solving Irs Problems
  32. A Practical Guide To Mergers and Acquisitions
  33. Accounting For Earnings Per Share
  34. Analysis Of The Corporate Annual Report
  35. Valuations: Businesses, Securities And Real Estate
  36. Internal Control And Fraud Detection
  37. More Secrets Of The Mba; Tools And Metrics
  38. Revenue Recognition: Rules And Standards
  39. Secrets Of The MBA: Concepts And Strategies
  40. Specialized Industry Gaap
  41. Cost Management: Accounting and Control
  42. Accountants Guide to Financial Management
  43. Applied Operations Management: Manufacturing and Services
  44. Real Estate Accounting & Mathematics
  45. Real Estate Financing & Investments

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