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CPECredit.com is proud to be presenting Live Webinars by: Owen G. Fiore

OWEN G. FIORE, JD, is a nationally recognized tax and estate planning consultant, author and instructor presently based in Idaho. Previously, for over forty years, he conducted a tax and estate planning law practice in California. Now a non-lawyer consultant, Owen speaks and writes on tax and estate planning subjects with an emphasis on Family Wealth and Succession Planning, uses of trusts, FLPs and LLCs, as well as the valuation of closely-held family business and investment entities. Owen is a regular commentator for the LISI (Leimberg Information Services, Inc.) Estate Planning Email Newsletters service, and also has provided a number of articles for CCH Business Valuation Alert and for the BV Update published by Business Valuation Resources. Mr. Fiore is an author-instructor with live webinars on new tax law changes, Family Limited Partnerships, Buy-Sell Agreements and Valuation Planning forCPEcredit and CPELink. In addition, Owen is involved in similar resort conference presentations for WesternCPE, including being the coordinator and a speaker on the November, 2011 Tucson theme conference titled “Family Business and Investment Succession Planning”. At his website, www.owenfiore.com, Mr. Fiore posts periodic Newsletters (“Notes from the Clearwater”) on recent tax and estate planning developments. While in California, Owen was involved in numerous gift and estate tax disputes as tax counsel to clients, and was lead counsel for the taxpayers in several published Tax Court cases, including Estate of Maria Cristofani, Estate of Dorothy Schauerhamer, and Estate of Aldo Fontana.

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Tax time is certainly not looked forward to by the majority of Americans, but it seems that there may be more than one reason for this
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