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Company F.A.Q.'s
  • How long have you been providing Education for CPA's?
  • Iíve lost my certificate of completion. How can I get a replacement?
  • How do I know that my credit card information is secure when purchasing a product?
  • Do you offer remote support if I need help with a course ?

  • Technical Support F.A.Qs
  • When I try to login to my account it gives me an error stating that I need to be logged in to perform that function, and that I need to have cookies enabled. How can I make sure that my cookies are enabled?
  • When submitting my payment information I get 'order failure default call' message. Why do I get this error?
  • My personal information has changes how do I update my account?
  • Why can't I log in to my account with my current password.
  • Can I change my Password to what I want?

  • Product F.A.Q.'s
  • How often are your courses updated?
  • What is an Online Study Course?
  • Can I download your online courses to my computer or do I have to be online to complete a course?
  • How do I receive my certificate of completion?
  • Can I save my progress while taking a test and come back later or must a test be completed all at once?
  • What happens if I fail an online exam? May I take the exam again?
  • How can I tell which courses are online courses?
  • I have an Unlimited Online Package. Can I share it with other people in my office?
  • I thought I ordered an online course. Why am I being asked for shipping information?
  • Am I able to print out the course material or the final exam?
  • Can I access the material from a different computer than where the order is placed?
  • Why is it when I select a course it charges me?
  • How can I get a copy of my certificate?
  • Why wonít my test grade all it does is save it?
  • How do I add a user.
  • How do I get a copy of my Invoice?
  • When I log in I donít see my new purchases.
  • Which web browser should I use to view my courses?

  • State license Information
  • How are Self-Study hours determined in California?

  • Webinars
  • What is the Webinar cancellation policy
  • When can I register for a webinar?
  • How do I register for a webinar?
  • Why arenít all the webinars included in my package?
  • How do I know if my computer and web browser will meet the system requirements for your webinar?

  • Privacy Policy
  • What is CPECredit.com Privacy Policy

  • Terms of Use
  • What are your Terms of Use?

  • Live online Webinars from the confort of your home or office

    News & Updates

    Keeping up with the Times: Cloud Accounting
    CPAs need to keep up with the times if they are to retain their customers
    IRA Rollover Rule Changes
    The IRA is an excellent vehicle for retirement savings. However, a recent change in rules may impose some limitations over this savings tool.
    $50 Million County Revenue Case
    The U.S. Supreme Court has decided to hear a case wherein Maryland tax rules were challenged by a Howard County business owner.
    IRS Warns Against Phone Scam Targeting Tax Payers
    Tax time is certainly not looked forward to by the majority of Americans, but it seems that there may be more than one reason for this
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